Notification balloon not working

In a grid cell an IP-address is expected as input.

A routine in the GridCellValidate event checks if the input is a valid IP-adres, if not "Valid" is set to false and       Grid.InvalidEntryTitle and Grid.InvalidEntryText are assigned with a string.
An editmask is used to make the IP-address.
When a non valid IP-address (like 999.999.999.999) is put in, the notification balloon is not showing !
When i remove the lines from the GridGetEditMask event, the notification Balloon is showing !
Also when i walk through the grid the cells with an IP-address expextion are always validated !, thus even when they are not altered (Grid.AlwaysValidate is set to False).
The events are like underneet.
With best regards, Frank van Leijen.
procedure TForm_Basis.GridGetEditorType(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; var AEditor: TEditorType);
  if Grid.Cells[10, ARow] = 'IP-Adres'  then
    AEditor := edNormal;
procedure TForm_Basis.GridGetEditMask(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; var Value: string);
  if Grid.Cells[10, ARow] = 'IP-Adres' then
    Value := '!;1; ';

We have been able to reproduce this problem here but it appears to be a non trivial issue. So far, we unfortunately have not yet found a solution. It remains on our todolist.


It is indeed not trivial, but "i really use it".
I hope that it is fixed in the next update.


Is this problem fixed in the meantime?
I did not test it myself, sorry.