No Update of WEB Project at Clients

Hi everyone!

Where is my mistake ?

When I want to put a new Version at my Web-Server some other clients will not get these changes,
the user will the former old one version of the project.

I got this effect at some Client PCs - not on every PC !

It seems, that the browser copy the files to his cache and will never got the "new" Version of the projects file (... that may have errors ...).

Normally static resources should be versionned and served through urls like /static.js?ver=123
but the original created files do not have this ...

Thank you very much for help !

What http(s) server do you use?
When your server would correctly return date/time stamp , your browser should be able to determine if a file in cache is out of date.

It's an IIS Windows 2012 Server ...

But I think  ... the problem exists only in DEBUG-Mode (with debug-files).
In RELEASE-Mode it's working fine ... whyever oder however ...

Not sure what might be causing this. We haven't encountered this here so far.

Is it working by just deleting the .map file?