No Columns in script of inner join


When I want to get the LanguageDescription with TFetchMode.Eager, I don't have the columns of TLanguageDescription


                                 .CreateAlias('LanguageDescriptions', 'B', TFetchMode.Eager)
                                 .Where(Linq['B.LanguageDescription'] = 'Nederlands')
Sql Script:

SELECT A.ID AS A_ID, A.Locked AS A_Locked, A.LanguageCodeShort AS A_LanguageCodeShort, A.InUse AS A_InUse, A.LanguageCodeLong AS A_LanguageCodeLong, A.RowVersion AS A_RowVersion
FROM Languages A
  LEFT JOIN LanguageDescriptions B ON (B.LanguageId = A.ID)
WHERE  B.LanguageDescription = :p_0
p_0 = "Nederlands" (ftString)

--> No columns of LanguageDescriptions B. Why? How Can I have the fields of LanguageDescriptions

Now I get the fields on Lazy load, but I want to force this with the eager mode.
How to do that?


Hello Christophe,

we tried to reproduce that problem here, but with no success. In any situation we testes where we use TFetchMode.Eager, the associated data is retrieved with a need for a second SELECT statement. Could you please provide a project that reproduces the problem (using SQLite) and the steps to reproduce it, and send to our support e-mail? Thank you.