NEW DXE2 + TMS install: issue with D2010 project

I believe that i have successfully installed the TMS Component Pack and Async with my DXE2 installation.
Now, when I open a project that was created using Delphi 2010 (and worked fine under that environment), I get the following error:
[DCC Fatal Error] BaseForm.pas(7): F1026 File not found: 'IWTMSImgCtrls.dcu'
Another D2010 project returns this error:
[DCC Fatal Error] Login.pas(9): F1026 File not found: 'IWExtCtrls.dcu'
Do these unit exist in TMS/XE2?
I also, in the editor, get the "red underline" in the uses clause for IWTMSCtrls and IWTMSMenus.
TIA for your help.

OK... nevermind on the IWExtCtrls.dcu; removed the references and they were recreated as IWCompExtCtrls (along with a few others with the "Comp" added into the unit name).

Can you share any insights when converting a D2010 project to DXE2 project?  There are some properties in ServerController that have evaporated... where can I go to get documentation on the XE2 ServerController and UserSession?

What happened to the "Files" property on ServerController? I made extensive use of that folder.

Please see for changes to the Intraweb versions in subsequent versions.