Nested FNCResponsiveList


I try to get a nested FNCResponsiveList as described on page 8 of the user guide. Unfortunately I do not get the red border or can place the 2nd FNCResponsiveList as item of the 1st.

Is there any setting I am missing or is there a bug in the lates version?

Kind regards
Do you put the top-left corner of the 2nd TMSFNCResponsiveList in an item rectangle in the main TMSFNCResponsiveList? I retested this here and this worked as expected:

Yes I do. it works on Lazarus, but not on Delphi. But I get some strange error messages on Delphi - may need to reinstall

It was on Delphi 10.2.3 that I retested this and made this screenshot.

My problem is on Delphi 10.2.3 - Lazarus was just a crosscheck

Any specific plugins, other 3rd party tools you have installed that might interfere as we do not see an issue here in Tokyo.

The only one I installed recently is MMX Explorer. I can try to uninstall tomorrow to see whether it is related