Need help with showing an inplace editor


I am a little new at this so thank you for your patience.

I have C++ Builder and have looked through the casgsamples and cannot find any example of how to do this.   I can only see the code as the form display gives me a cannot find fixed cells sort error.

I want to have a user click on an ellips in a cell and show a calculator.  For some reason I cannot get the inplace editor to display when the ellipis is clicked.

I have a AdvColumnGrid on a form.  It has one column.  I also put a MoneyEditLink on my form.   In the column properties I have specified my EditLink to be the MoneyEditLink.  I have also specified my Editor to be edFloatEditBtn.

In the EllipsClick event I have:


What am I missing?


The ellipsclick event applies for the edEditBtn editor type or edFloatEditBtn. I see that you're trying to use a TMoneyEdit as inplace editor via an editlink. As shown in sample 25 ( you need to specify the inplace editor type for this as edCustom. Then the editlink will be used, the TMoneyEdit editor will appear and this will display the calculator automatically when the button is clicked.