Navigator buttons missing with horizontal time axi

I'm losing the previous & next period navigator buttons when switching the time axis to horizontal.

Can easily be recreated:

1. Add a TPlanner (or TDBPlanner) to a form

- Navigator buttons are visible to left and right of header

2. Switch time axis to horizontal (either via quick config or Sidebar.Position = spTop)

- Navigator buttons no longer appear - the header is now vertical so I would expect the buttons to be top and bottom of the header on the left, as the documentation says, but they are not showing

I have used TPlanner v3.3.9.0 & TDBPlanner v3.4.3.0 on Delphi Seattle & a colleague has tried TPlanner v3.4.0.6 on Delphi Berlin.

Worth saying this is the first time I've used the planner components so apologies if I am missing something obvious.



It has always been like this that the navigator buttons were a vertical time axis feature only (because they are mainly used in a multi-day config where time axis is vertical and days horizontal). We'll reevaluate that and consider making the navigator buttons also available for a horizontal time axis.

Thanks for the quick answer Bruno - explains why I can't get them to show!

We do need a way to go to previous & next periods with a horizontal axis, so I'll add some buttons or menu items. It would be good if they could be made to work for the future although I wonder if another reason they don't show is having them top and bottom on the left isn't the most obvious place to have them. I'm thinking I'll probably put buttons over the caption bar so they can still be to the left and right.

FYI Reason I thought they would show is in the 'Visual organisation of TPlanner / TDBPlanner' section of the PDF (page 9) and the website FAQ of the same name it says 'This means that the Sidebar here at left is displayed on top and the header and navigator buttons are displayed at the left side in horizontal mode.'

Thanks again