NativeUITextView Dismissing Keyboard in iPhoneThan

I am currently evaluating the ICL Pack and was playing around with the TMSFMXNativeTextView. It works great with the iPad when it comes to Editing and dismissing the virtual keyboard but for some reasons, clicking on the "Done" button on the virtual keyboard of the iPhone does not dismiss the keyboard. This happened on both the simulator and the actual device. Is there anything I need to do to resolve this ? 


We are able to reproduce this here and haven't been able to find a workaround for this issue, we will investigate this here as soon as possible, 

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I support this post. I'm pressing buttons on the virtual keyboard, it does not clot!

As a temporary solution you can hide the keyboard with


Dear Stefan, 

Thank you for your feedback, 
You can indeed end the editing, or resign the first responder to hide the keyboard, 
but there is still an issue regarding the Done button that does not hide the keyboard. We are not able to catch the event.

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Scheldeman Pieter

Button done little remains visible at the bottom (iPhone 5). After dropping off the edge of the keyboard is visible buttons done. What to do?


This is a known issue, which is explained at the following URL:

and referenced in the post in the Embarcadero newsgroups:

You can try to use the solution, and we could provide this as a workaround in our source, but in the end, it seems that this will need to be fixed in the FireMonkey framework itself.

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