Named range formatting

Is there an easy way to style a named range as a nice looking table (as in Excel's "Format as Table")?

I have a large dataset filling a sheet that is laid out in table style already, with columns representing a type of data and rows representing an instance of that data, and contained within a named range.  I've had trouble working out an easy way to make it imitate a table, with my best solution being to manually set row colors, and column fonts and autofilters.

If there is any cleaner way to get the result I'm looking for, I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

Much thanks,

Sadly by the moment the only alternative is as you said manually set the colors/filters. Excel2007-tables aren't supported yet by FlexCel. Note that while a worse solution, doing it manually has the advantage that Excel 2003 will show the formatting too, as if you use tables, Excel 2003 won't show them.  

Ah, I figured that might be the case, I appreciate the quick response!

Nothing wrong with what I have now, works fine just a bit messy.

Thanks again,