MySQL UNSIGNED field property missing (?)

I'm trying for the first time to work on existing MySQL DB using Data Modeler to complete schema with new tables and to generate "magic" Aurelius file .pas for xdata.
Everything is close to work fine except it seems Data Modeler doesn't define Unsigned field, which is often used to define auto incremental key field
Due to that I can't generate update of schema except by editing manually the sql file but it's a risk above all with database including hundred of tables (generated sql file fails by creating wrong foreign key due to missing unsigned property)
Please can you consider to include this property on field (probably useful to consider same for ZeroFill )?
Here edition of a field with Navicat on MySQL DB

thanks to TMS Teams

Data Modeler is a tool intended to be a "common denominator" between several databases. We don't try to cover all databases specifics. Unsigned seems to be a specific MySQL feature, and actually you could use Int for what you want.

Another alternative is to simply use a computed field and fill in the specific type yourself:

Thanks Wagner for proposal
But unfortunately as it's a foreign key I can't edit type of field is automatically defined as INT after DB schema import

Currently the only way I found is to adjust manually the generated SQL file by adding missing property.

Indeed, in this case you can temporarily remove the relationship, or just change one of the fields of the relationship. Then modify the field types, and then recreate/redefine the relationship again.