myCloudData Filter for DateTime Field

I am using your myCloudData cloud database solution with the freely available database components library. I want to add a filter for a field of type DateTime. Can you please tell me what data type the parameter must have in this case. I would like to use this function. An example would be very useful.

ContactsTable.Filters.Add('DateOfBirth', ???, coGreaterOrEqual, loNone);

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The 2nd parameter is a generic TValue type and for a date, you can use a TDate type.

  d: TDate;
  d := Now;
  AdvMyCloudDataDataSet1.Filter.Add('date',d, coEqual, loAnd);

This is not working in germany. I have since found the solution. Day and month must be exchanged in the position. Then it works.

      S:=FormatDateTime('mm.dd.yyyy', dtDate.Date);
      Filters.Add('Date_Time', S, coLess, loAnd);

That is also a possible approach. Thanks for informing.