MultiTouch SDK - Color Filter ?


I need help or directives on how to apply a filter (a tint, a Mask...) colour to the MainItem object of a TMultiTouchItem.
I would like to change the colour dynamically of a single item loaded multiple times instead of having to stock multiple coloured version of a single picture and reload it each time it's required as the colours will change on some items through time.

Thanks in advance.

One possible way is to use the OnItemFill event.
See page 14 of the developer guide: 

Thanks for the hint, but I can only modify the background colour with this, and if I add some transparency to the picture, GradientType of the background won't apply.
I need to apply this colour change to the picture.

Colors of items itself can be changed but it is not possible to change colors in pictures used in items. The pictures will always be rendered as-is in the items.