Multithread Service Application

Hi, I am starting a new project. It is a multihread tcp server that will serve clients that are basically database consumers.

It will be a three tier app and database and other requests will be served by different thread queues than those of Indy.
So let say 200 concurrent connections but only 10 worker queues all of them having one scripter.
I have a few questions.
Is it feasable to use the scripter this way?
What is the best way to achive this? Should I compile the scripts and save the the compiled binaries and load them at the thread initialization?
The Scripter should never ask anything ffrom the user ,obviously. What is the best way to achieve this. deleteing showmessage from the functions as in the user guide is sufficent?
Any other thing I should be carefull about?
Adem Meral

There is a thread demo in scripter distribution that shows how to use scriper in threads. Claiming some usage is "thread-safe" is too dangerous since each situation requires specific analysis when it comes to threads.

You really have to review what you make public in scripter, review everything. But in general, creating a scripter component per thread should be enough to have thread-safe engines.