Multiple copies of files, same name?

I don't know if this is a Windows 10 issue, a VCL issue, or something in TMS components. But I thought I would ask if anyone else has seen this before.

I first saw it a few weeks ago. I saved a spreadsheet, and when loading it later saw that the file list box had the file listed twice. Same exact name. Yet windows file explorer only showed the file once.

I have been doing testing this morning, and noticed that behavior plus some additional odd behavior. Several of the files I tried to save did not show up in windows file explorer at all, and I was scratching my head about why the files were not saving. After multiple attempts to save them, I noticed that there are several copies showing in the file list box, but none in windows file explorer.

Has anyone seen this odd behavior before? Any ideas?

I have been able to create a small project that replicates this behavior, and sent it to tech support.

if you load a csv file, then save it using the same base file name with
an XLSX extension and an XLSX file type it will show up twice in the
file list box with the XLSX extension, plus once as a CSV file after
that. It will only show up once in Windows file explorer.

ran the exe created from this project on an XP box that I use for
compatibility testing, same results, so this is not Windows 10 specific,
nor is it caused by the AV since they have two different AV programs.

I can now say that is definitely not your component. A search for this showed several references such as:

"Those are merely additional windows created earlier on the file by other users? which allow simultaneous viewing of several sheets on screen. To close these, click Window > Arrange > Tiled (say), then click the "x" to close all of the windows one-at-a time, except for one last window. Click to maximize this remaining window. Then save the file. "

It also does not show up if I use a file mask of just *.XLS instead of *.XLS and *.XLSX