Multiple column support for TTMSFNCRichEditor

I have an application that requires multiple column support in a rich text viewer similar to MS Word. My specific application is to list out pre-populated data form responses where the height of the response cannot be pre-determined. Adding multi-column capability to a rich editor would vastly improve the capability of the rich editor for all users.

My specific application doesn't require the capability to edit the text as the text originates from external storage (so this will have ReadOnly set to True), but it does require:

  • being able to dynamically specify how many columns the current text is displayed in. This can change at any time in the data and when it does change, a section break automatically occurs (section breaks basically start a new line at a height determined by the tallest column before the next text)
  • dynamically (or programmatically) determining when the current column ends and the next column is to be filled in with the text that follows.
  • being able to dynamically specify a section break