MSSQL Lock escalation/ with (nolock)

In the past we´ve had a highly concurrent aplication running against a MS SQL Server. Due to lock escalation we encountered a lot of deadlock situations. We solved this and gained quite a performance boost by uning the table hint "with (nolock)".

I wonder if it is possible to have Aurelius use this table hint too.

Thank you for an answer.

For now that's not possible. Ideally, in my opinion, would be allowing the isolation level when open transaction. That's a feature that is in our backlog.

Speaking about MSSQL, a lock is also set, when just reading. If many users are reading (no transactions!) a deadlock might still occur, more likely because of lock escalation.Setting NOLOCK does not lock the read rows/pages/tables, but happens outside of transactions.

So for MSSQL the nolock options should be optionally set when reading or be set globally at connection level.

But: At least ORACLE handles this differently.

Reagrds Bernd

Overall, NOLOCK is equivalent to use a READ UNCOMMITTED transaction, which is easier to implement , more cross-database and easier for the developer to use and understand: