MS Live Calendar-Zero Events

I am getting a return of zero calendar event items using the TMSFMXCloudLiveCalendar Component, when I was getting event items returned before. I am using Window 10, latest update, and latest update of Cloud Pack for Firemonkey. I use Delphi, DX 10.1 update 2. The sample provided for MS Live Calendar doesn't retrieve Event Items either. MS Live Contacts works, using the same server side redirect Urls etc. Google Calendar and Google Contacts work fine in my app using the latest updates. Could someone run the MS Live Calendar with the latest Cloud Pack updates, and let me know if Event Items are retrieved. Thank you for any input.


There have been issues with the MS Live Calendar API for a while now. Unfortunately we have no control over the availability of the Live Calendar API.

I would recommend switching to the TMSFMXCloudOutlookCalendar component which uses the newer MS Outlook API. There are no known issues with the Outlook API service at this time.