MQTT over Websockets

hi, I use TMS MQTT locally, it works fine for me, but I would need access to MQTT via Websockets, is this method available? I couldn't find her.

If you mean for native applications, then we currently do not have this in TMS MQTT.
It is used in the MQTT lib we have for TMS WEB Core though.
See: TMS Software | Blog

Thanks for the answer, I am an active subscriber of TMS WEB Core, I need a set of FNC components for the development of my android application. I believe that you will be able to create something soon, I like using your components.

Can you explain what the exact cause is for not being able to use our TMS MQTT client component on Android? It should connect to all MQTT brokers...

In the local network, I have an MQTT broker running with the mqtt:// protocol on port 1883, I created an android application where I used TMS MQTT, it works great for me. To connect from a public IP address, I wanted to use the websocket ws:// port 9001 protocol via NAT so that the android application could connect and the WEB application at the same time. I've done it so far using NAT to port 1883 and it works over the mqtt:// protocol. I primarily want to use a local broker, not a cloud one.

We will investigate what is technically feasible