MQTT for 10.4

When do we expect to have an update of MQTT for Delphi 10.4?

Understood. Low priority for MQTT.

It will be released when it's ready to be released.

Dear Sirs,
It is up to you to decide when and if, you are going to continue updating and supporting a component. It is not a shame to declare a component as low priority.
I was planing to deliver my software these days using this component. My subscription for this component is expiring next Tuesday. A bug report for this component from 09/05/20 has not answered yet.
I am not sure yet if I will renew the subscription to this component with the reported problem unfixed, and I was planing to migrate to 10.4 the following days.
I can understand that you may have other priorities.I am one of your customers more than 15 years continuously.  And i just asked to understand your priorities for my personal planning. Nothing more or less.

We have 66 products to handle.
Every customer will have his specific product he needs with priority.

So, whatever we pick first of these 66 products, there will always be others unhappy for not picking first what they want.
I'm not sure how you expect us to solve this. We are working day & night and at full speed to handle all products as soon as possible.
And all time we have to spend on discussing priorities is time we cannot spend on the actual work of migrating products to 10.4

Bruno Fierens2020-05-29 15:00:23
I apologize for your time. I will renew my subscription for this component as a small amount to pay your time.
Thank you for your answers