MQTT Client not reconnect on Windows

Do you have try to use TMS MQTT on Windows 7 ?

AutoReconnect : True
AutoReconnectInterval : 10
KeepAliveInterval : 20
KeepConnectionAlive : True

The message can't publish or receive subscribe after network disconnect network and reconnect it ...!
How can i resolve the problem if the network is instability.

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Yes reconnect works for me, however keep alive doesn't work at all, so you must have reconnect activated or look for the disconnect event and do a "manaual" connect and re-subscribe

There's a Bug in the software and when it comes to Keep alive from the client - it simply doesn't work, the ping package is never sent.

I did some manual fixing in the code and now it works - however it's a dirty fix and TMS must do a proper fix for this.


My automatic reconnection in SSL is also abnormal

Can you tell me how to fix it

I've had reconnect problems as well, using the latest TMS MQTT release with Delphi 10.2.3.

With reconnect enabled and the Mosquitto broker on a separate machine on my network, if I unplug the network cable from my dev machine running the client and then reconnect it a minute later, the client logs the appropriate lost-connection and reconnecting messages, and properly reconnects to the broker once the physical link is re-established.

However... My office is in a remote part of my home, and the equipment in it connects to the main router for the house via a second meshed wifi router. A few times a day, the mesh link "breaks" for anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds, and when that happens the Indy error returned for the lost connection is "No route to host", and the reconnect logic in the client goes into a loop of attempting-reconnect, even after the network comes back.

The software I write goes into industrial environments that can and all too often do have weird network issues, so reliable recovery after a dropped connection and robust keep-alive behavior are critical for me. I've worked around these problems by doing my own reconnect and keep-alive logic, but this really does need to be fixed.