MQTT Client not reconnect on Windows

Do you have try to use TMS MQTT on Windows 7 ?

AutoReconnect : True
AutoReconnectInterval : 10
KeepAliveInterval : 20
KeepConnectionAlive : True

The message can't publish or receive subscribe after network disconnect network and reconnect it ...!
How can i resolve the problem if the network is instability.

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Yes reconnect works for me, however keep alive doesn't work at all, so you must have reconnect activated or look for the disconnect event and do a "manaual" connect and re-subscribe

There's a Bug in the software and when it comes to Keep alive from the client - it simply doesn't work, the ping package is never sent.

I did some manual fixing in the code and now it works - however it's a dirty fix and TMS must do a proper fix for this.


My automatic reconnection in SSL is also abnormal

Can you tell me how to fix it