Moving a WebSplitter

Hi Fans,

how can i move a twebsplitter ?
Try to run your Align Demo.

I simple want to move the splitter to increase width of leftpanel.
This is functional in Chrome on a windows computer and in the integrated browser
But not in IOS Device or in a Android device.
Why ?

The splitter area is very small, only 4 pixels, as such, we see that it is indeed very hard to hit this with touch. From a UI and UX perspective, I think that for touch, it is better to show a handle/button that can open/close the left panel for example.

I also noticed that the component TWebSplitter does not work on a tablet browser (Android / iPad). That means that the splitter cannot be moved with one finger.

This can be easily verified with the video tutorial Expanding the splitter - component does not help.

In a browser on my PC with mouse support everything works fine.

Unfortunately I don't have an iPad or Android tablet with a pencil. Would it work with that?

This appears to be a non-trivial issue given all this is done via touch events on a mobile device.
We implement a first step for improvement with allowing a touch click to select the splitter and then permit to move the splitter. We'll see for future developments if we can further refine this.