MouseWheel navigation copying value to next cell

I have an issue in my TAdvStringGrid when navigating from a cell that is formatted as edFloatSpinEdit or edSpinEdit to a cell that is edCheckBox. When the mousewheel is used to move from cell to cell, it is copying the value from the SpinEdit to the text of the CheckBox. My grid is configured with the MouseAction set to waMoveSelection. If I change to waScroll, I don't have this issue, but then of course the user is not able to use the MouseWheel to navigate the grid as easily.

I'm sure there is likely a simple way to prevent this but so far it has escaped me. I have tried various things in OnCellChange or OnCellChanging but so far what I have tried has not really been successful.

Is there a grid setting I am missing that prevents the value of the cell from being copied into the new cell when the mousewheel is used for navigation?

Thank you for your help.

I am using Delphi 10.4.1 and a recent version of the TAdvStringGrid.

We could trace & solve this issue.
We can confirm the next update we will release this week will address this.

Thank you. It will be helpful.

I installed the 2/19/2021 update and tested this issue. After setting myGrid.MouseActions.WheelAction := waMoveSelection, I am still having the issue of the SpinEdit value being copied to the adjacent CheckBox cell when I use the MouseWheel to move into the CheckBox cell. Can you let me know whether the version should include this fix.

Thank you,

Jeff Hartman

We can confirm we could see one more instance where this happened and have now also fixed this.
The next update will have this fix.