mouse up event no fired above FNCPanel

Hi There,

In my web application, I have a FNCPanel sitting behind a Web core panel. Then I realized the mouse up event won't be fired only the mouse down event works.

I made a demo to address above issue,
87. mouse up event for (2.0 MB)

Basically, I have two different panels sit on the backgroud, a FNCPanel and a TWebPanel. Above these two panels, there are two TWebPanel with same settings, e.g. mouse down/Up events. etc. I also put a memo to identify if mouse down/up events are triggered, i.e. if it is fired, there will be a message displayed in the memo.

Then I found mouse up won't be fired if I pressed down, hold for a while and then I released my mouse on FNCPanel.

Any advice would be helpful to solve this issue.


Hi, have seen an issue setting up this specific combination and have applied a fix, next version will address this!