Mouse shape when Controller pager type=cptImage


I use images for the Next and Prev page functions of a TIWDBAdvWebGrid's
controller (ImgNext and ImgPrev properties of the Controller, PagerType =

When you move the mouse over the image the shape (the standard arrow) doesn't

Is there any way to let the "hand" mouse shape appear?

Trying another approach, is it possible to change the properties of the
cptButtonImage Pager Type? Like changing colors,
images ...



  • The ctpImage is currently not configured to display a different cursor on mouseover.
    We'll consider setting the "hand" cursor in a future version of the IWAdvWebGrid.

    - The cptButtonImage PagerType has been designed as a default button with the arrow symbols (instead of text).
    * I'm not sure which color settings you would like to change for this PagerType?
    * It's currently unfortunately not supported to change the symbols (using images).
    However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.