Mouse Events in tAdvSpinEdit

In tAdvSpinEdit (and possibly other Advanced Buttoned Edits) the mouse event handlers (OnMouseDown etc) do not cover the area of the button(s). I am trying to capture a "Ctrl Click" and as we know onClick doesn't have a tShiftState argument.

This is the expected behavior because the mouse down is handled by the spin buttons and not the spin edit control. You'll see the same behavior with a standar VCL TSpinEdit.
To make this possible, a small extension could do this. By exposing the UpButton, DownButton in TAdvSpinEdit.Button , you could attach OnMouseDown via:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  TButton(advspinedit1.Button.UpButton).OnMouseDown := AdvSpinEdit1MouseDown;
  TButton(advspinedit1.Button.DownButton).OnMouseDown := AdvSpinEdit1MouseDown;

We'll make UpButton & DownButton publicly accessible this way in the next release.

Great solution, thanks, Bruno!