More than one SSL-certificate on the same server


Is it possible to use two different ssl certificates on the same server. The situation is:

I have 2 domain names:

I have two XData-servers for each customers running on the same machine on port 443 and it works fine with https://+:443/customer1/ and https://+:443/customer2/ in TMS Sparke Config Tool.

But if I try to install more than one SSL-certificate on port 443 the TMS Sparkle Http.Sys Config Tool comes with the error: "HTTP Server API Error - Cannot create a file when that file already exists". If I choose e.g. port 444 for the other certificate it works, but that on the default https-port.

So is this possible in some other way?



Currently that is not possible, you indeed need to use the same certificate or use a different port.