More than one comment per line

How do I post more than one comment in a single line?
In one of my units I need FI:I901 and FI:O803 in the same line.
Just write both on the same line. Like //FI:I901 FI:O803
It can be even more flexible. Like // some random text FI:O803 some other text FI:W501
Maybe it was just a Friday-Problem.
Tried this but with no effect on Friday. Today it works as expected.

Command back - it still does'nt work :-(

It's a common unit with the warning for O803 is not thwown in the current project (but in another project).

I can suppress this with the setting "hint on useless ..." - but this will supress all of this warnings.

Hah.. it's an interesting case.

Maybe you can try putting IFNDEF _FIXINSIGHT_ directives around that code?

... constant declaration

This will make FixInsight totally ignore this line of code