More one TForm

We have just acquired TMS ALL-ACCESS, and our first step is to test the security, we are testing with the demo that comes in vcl security-system, and we are testing by doing the following.

1 - To the main form of the demo we add a button and assign it to a policy, and this same one is assigned to a user (TMS user).
This works well since it is visible to the TMS user and invisible to other users, everything is fine here.

2- we add a second TForm with 2 buttons, and a TuilFormPolicy called "FORMA2" with a button "Tbutton1" assigned to "Forma2", we want a button (TButton1) to be visible to the TMS user, and invisible to all other users, the "Security Manager" property was assigned to "Form1.SecurityManager1"
3. In the main TForm, the policy "FORMA2" is assigned to the TMS user, but it is visible to all users, and you only want it to be shown to the TMS user,

What is the correct way to make it work? Future developments depend on this exercise since we depend on the security given to users.