module \"WEBLib.Grids\" misses \"WEBLib.Ctrls.SVG\

Dear all,

we are encountering the following error, connecting to our web site created wih TMS Web Core.

Any idea what is going wrong ????


rtl.js:15 Arguments(2)0: "Error: "1: "module "WEBLib.Grids" misses "WEBLib.Ctrls.SVG""callee: ƒ ()length: 2Symbol(Symbol.iterator): ƒ values()[[Prototype]]: Object
rtl.js:146 Uncaught module "WEBLib.Grids" misses "WEBLib.Ctrls.SVG"

"0": "Error: ",
"1": "module "WEBLib.Grids" misses "WEBLib.Ctrls.SVG""

I have not seen such error yet. Do you have steps for how to reproduce?