Missing Username Field

In my web app, I want to use WebSphinx to capture the user's email address and username. But WebSphinx doesn't show a username field on the data collection page, but it does say that a username needs to be entered when you click on "Save". How do I get the username field displayed?

This is being worked on right now, we will release an update soon with many improvements in that regard.

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Okay, thanks.
Then I will leave my program with the mail address as login and then change it later when the update is ready.
I'm still working with the "TMSWebCore" trial version at the moment.
But I will switch to the licensed version in the coming days. After getting used to it as a Delphi programmer and reading a lot about HTML and CSS, I'm really excited about how cool templates and Delphi can be used to develop very appealing WEB programs.

For us, this is a really important reason: the integration of XData and Aurelius. Our project management, which was previously only available as a Windows version, will soon be available as a WEB application. Thanks to TMSSoftware!

Thank you for the feedback and kind words, @Stapel_Andreas!
Here is the link of the feature request about username if you want to track it: Accept login using username/phone number in Login Web App

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