Missing Translation

The manual mentioned a translation ZIP file, but in the last releases of Query Studio, I can't find the translations. 
I need a German translation.



just like Martin, we are also trying to find the qs_languages.zip file.

According to the querry_manual.pdf (Chapter 2.2) there should be the qs_languages.zip file available with translations. We haven’t been able to locate this file. Could you please let us know where to find it?

Kind regards

Udo Gwiasda

The only languages available are english and portuguese, available in the "languages" folder. The manual does mention the "languages" folder and then qs_languages.zip, but it's incorrect. We will fix that in meanwhile, the correct place is "languages" folder.

Hmm, "languages" folder?
After setup TMS Query Studio I don't see a "languages" folder. This folder is not installed!
I found only in the "core" folder the qsLanguage.pas with the english text.

I like TMS Query Studio, but sadly it looks not well supported.
See my first message from last year and now the answer. I used also  the email support to inform You about the missing translation, but I got no response.



I search here but we didn't receive such an e-mail, I'm sorry about that, when was it sent? Regarding your message in the forum above, indeed it was probably overlooked, unfortunately, that's not usual at all. Regarding Query Studio, unfortunately the only languages available are english and portuguese.

Hello Wagner

Mo 22.05.2017 15:44 I got a response from your support system as an email:

"TMS Software support question submitted: TMS Query Studio  -  missing translations"

Best regards

Martin Diehl

I searched it here, and indeed I didn't receive it. It might have been a temporary problem, or went to junk mail and later deleted. Again I'm really sorry for that, this is an exception and unfortunately you had two issues at same time (not having an answer in both e-mail and forum channels).