Missing tmswebcompiler.exe

Hi guys,

I finally got tms webcore installed on Lazarus 2.0.2, I can greate a tms webcore project, design the application forms, code my loved pascal etc...

But when running the application I've got a missing tmswebcompiler.exe

Panic: internal error: missing executable C:\Users\zemor\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS WEB Core RSXE12\CommandLineCompiler\TMSWebCompiler.exe

So I went to my tms webcore setup folder and search for all the exe file and can not find this tmswebcompiler.exe.

In RadStudio all runs well.

PS : I don't have any anti-virus installed so that is not the problem.

where do I find that executable file?


José Morango

Is this Lazarus on Windows?

The compiler is normally installed (as your projects work in Delphi, this means the compiler is on your system).
It should normally be in the subfolder Compiler of your TMS WEB Core install folder.
In your Delphi IDE under Tools, Options, TMS WEB, it should also show in the options where it is located.

Hi Bruno,

Yes it's Lazarus on Windows 10

I've searched for all the executable file in the tmswebcore instalation and cant find the file.

This is an image with my path configuration on Delphi 10.3.3

This is an image with my search result for executable on my tms webcore instalation folder



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