Missing "Import Folder" in the project context menu

as I say on title, I have some issue to find the action "Import folder" opening the project context menu in project inspector. I was trying to import a HTML template as said in page 76 of the documentation, but there some voices, like "import folder" and "Intermediate Output Path" that are missing. I've already tried to reinstall WebCore. I'm working on Delphi 10.3.1
Thank you in advance

Do you see in the Delphi IDE under Help, About TMS WEB Core that you have effectively installed?

I verified and there were an older version. I solved my problem by deleting completely TMS Web Core from my PC and reinstalled it. In the previous case, I only unistalled the framework, this time I deleted also all the installation folders manually.
Now it seems everything works.
Thank you very much.