MiscObj.pas errors in latest version

Since I update to the latest version, miscobj.pas shows errors:

[dcc32 Error] MiscObj.pas(168): E1026 File not found: './WIN32/elt_rep.obj'
[dcc32 Error] MiscObj.pas(169): E1026 File not found: './WIN32/error.obj'

and other. Same for Win64 and OSX target.

I installed it as usual, via the setup. It uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one, and that was it. Now I cant compile my projects anymore.

Dear Guenter,

This is a path issue that we have with the latest version.

You need to go to  "Project->Options->Delphi Compiler->Search Path"
and add the location of the OBJ files for each target OS that looks
like (depending on where the Pack has been installed):

C:\Program Files (x86)\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack

C:\Program Files (x86)\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack
C:\Program Files (x86)\tmssoftware\TMS Cryptography Pack RSXE10\Android


This is hopefully back to normal with release 2.4.1.