Minor issue with WebStringGrid

I dropped a WebStringGrid on a form. I created an "OnGetCellData" event. Part of the method signature includes TField? Why would a regular string grid (non db) need access to TField? The app won't compile presumably because of a missing uses clause.

procedure TForm1.WebStringGrid1GetCellData(Sender: TObject; ACol: Integer; ARow: Integer; AField: TField; var AValue: string);

Second question. Can I use either the built in TWebStringGrid or the FNC String grid to do fast virtual grids by using callbacks. I have a grid with potentially thousands of items that can be filtered. I don't want to use TDataset.

TTMSFNCGrid will be faster to do virtual grids as in TTMSFNCGrid only visible cells are painted and in TWebStringGrid, there is still HTML TD element updates involved with dynamically setting cells. Doing lots of HTML element updates can be a costly operation in the browser.

I'll use FNCGrid. Thanks Bruno