Miletus ClientDataSet Refresh

I am thinking about using an SQLite Database as a custom file format for collaboration between a small group of users and the Miletus Platform seems like this would be the ideal way to proceed. Having said that, I am tinkering with the ToDoList Demo provided with TMS Webcore and when I have two instances of the application open, I can't for the life of me figure out how to change a DB Record in one instance and then refresh the other the see the change (without restarting the entire application).

As a bit of background I have set the locking mode of the DB Driver to "Normal", which I believe should allow two clients to connect to the data base at once. Then I have added an extra WebButton with an onlick event to execute the "CDS.Refresh" command. With these in place, I open two instances of the App, then I then make a change to one of the record fields and hit update. Next I move to the other instance and click on the WebButton to refresh the dataset but nothing happens.

Can anyone suggest to me how to refresh the view without hitting F5? Note that I have tried many combinations of := False; := True etc. but the second instance must have some sort of cache as it never updates.


This is an issue in the Miletus application. We applied a fix and the next version will contain the necessary changes.

Wonderful, thankyou.

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