Miletus App asks for allowing incoming network requests


<WebCore VSC 1.8.2, MacOS BigSur 11.5>

when a newly created Miletus app (new project, only a TWebLabel added) is started (on a Mac), an os dialog pops up, asking if the user is ok with the app accepting incoming network requests. (happens on every start of the app, not only the first run) I assume the app somehow tries to open and listen on a socket or something similar.

Is it possible to configure the build to prevent this from happening? I can imagine Users of my app asking why my app wants to accept incoming network connections, since the app should just do some standalone local stuff.

Yes, there is a port listening in a Miletus app.
Typically it is the installer installing such software that adds such exception in the Firewall so the user doesn't see this warning upon first use of the application.
You should be able to do this with a netsh command