Miletus and TWebSpeechSynthesis

Speech isn't working - no sound, and .Supported returns False - on Raspberry Pi.

I believe this is to do with Chromium not supporting Google text to speech by default, though there is a flag to override that when opening Chromium. However as far as I can tell there's no way of having a Miletus app pass flags to the embedded browser.

Is there a solution for this?

Alternatively, for my app, I could use espeak via a command line if Miletus would provide the ability to execute external commands.


I've worked around this limitation by installing espeak and using MiletusShell.Execute('espeak "something to say"'), but speech support with TWebSpeechSynthesis would still be nice.


Afaik, it is a browser limitation on Raspberry Pi, where the browser based speech API is not available.

Thanks Bruno, yes it seems so. I've not found a solution online as yet, but anyway I've added speech to my application with espeak.