MFA: Check whether needed

Allow Sphinx to check whether the MFA is needed.

One of the requirements we get asked for is to be able to allow users to 'trust this machine' for X days 'like Microsoft'. If that is set then the MFA is not required to validate the login (just the username/email and password).

This could either be handled completely by Sphinx (nice) although an event which enabled the application to manage this would be fine, sort of

procedureSphinx.BeforeMFA(var IsRequired: boolean);`

The Sphinc system would need to return a machine id of some description.

Just to clarify. This would have to be unique for Machine/Browser/App combo, so might be better to leave the implementation to developers and just provide the event, although we would have to rely on Sphinx to manage the machine/browser/app id on the server or provide a method of allocating it and returning it with requests.

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