MessageDlg and caption


Is it possible to change caption of MessageDlg to own custom?


Do you have more details about what exact customization you expect? Is this just the caption text or more?

ShowMessage() and ShowMessageDlg() are transfered to Alert() etc. in JavaScript. Web browsers do not offer any caption for these boxes. You will have to use your own form derived from TWebForm for sophisticated user interaction.


I think about thiis:

You can use a TWebMessageDlg component where you can change all used text (also in caption) via property TWebMessageDlg.DialogText: TStringList;

with  TWebMessageDlg but i have a text like 'Help' on the body or 'clear' on the top rigth. How remove it ?


Please note that these are placeholders for Material icons.
To add support for Material icons to your app: right-click on the project name in the Delphi Project Manager and select "Manage JavaScript libraries". Then select "Google Material Icons" and click the Apply button.
Now the text should be replaced by the appropriate icons.
We'll investigate if this process can be automated to avoid confustion in the future.