Merging two RibbonBars

I have the need to merge two RibbonBars.
One is the main bar, having two pages. The other has one page and I want this page to be displayed in the second page of the main bar.

I tried to set the parents for the Container, however this does not work:

tx for every idea.


Sorry, merging 2 ribbon bars is technically not possible.

Pieter Scheldeman2017-11-06 09:29:34

There is no need for a complete Merger - I just want to display the elements of one page inside another page. The first page is empty. No Chance?


Unfortunately no, you cannot simply reparent pages. Some elements that are parented have a hard reference inside their page, especially with toolbars. When you want to merge pages, you'll need to create a duplicate of the page, copy it's properties and controls (with the Assign method) inside a recursive loop, and then destroy the original page