Merge a TAdvPage from a plug-in to a main menu


I'm looking at the possibility to load parts of the program as modules using the plug-in manager. What I would like to do is to merge TAdvPage(s) and its content for that module, to the main TAdvPageToolbar menu.

Is this possible and a good way to go? The goal is to have the plug-in as self contained as possible.

Thanks for any help or comments on this approach!

Johan Rydmark

It is technically possible. I have actually yesterday seen an impressive implementation from a customer who used plugin framework to load ribbon pages, pagecontrol pages from a plugin. To implement this takes effort though. You'll need to implement methods in the custom plugin interface that control the creation of pagecontrol page and construct its content. Sadly, at this point, we have ourselves not ready to use or sample code for this. If we can find some time in the future, we'll consider putting together a sample. 

Ok, thanks! I'll give it a try and see how it goes. If anybody have some code to share or have seen something about this discussed, hints are most welcome ;-)