Memory Leaks - Demo Step 11

Hi, Wagner
  Aurelius Demo Step 11, SaveUsers method have a memory leaks, how can we resolve that?
  To reproduce: run BugTrackerServer in debug mode, insert a new user on BugTracker.exe
  I'm using Aurelius 2.5, delphi XE7.

Well, that project is not a demo. It's not distributed in official Aurelius installer, it was just a project using for a speak in a conference. Yes, it seems to be a memory leak. 

It happens because the Rest Data Snap repository doesn't manage the objects like the Aurelius/object manager repository does. To fix that you should do that manually, so all repositories have a consistent behavior. In rest repository, whenever you receive an object in a method or retrieve such object, you should add those object instances to a TList and then destroy the objects in the list when the repository is destroyed.