Memory Leak with TCellProperties for the Advanced String Grid

Eureka Log is reporting a memory leak in the lines where I set the colors to clNone below. Can you help me find how to overcome this leak?

Basic code:

if [boolean logic] then

  grid.Colors[0,iX] := $0092E3FE;
  grid.Colors[1,iX] := $0092E3FE;
  grid.Colors[2,iX] := $0092E3FE;
  grid.Colors[3,iX] := $0092E3FE;
  grid.Colors[4,iX] := $0092E3FE;

end else

  grid.Colors[0,iX] := clNone;
  grid.Colors[1,iX] := clNone;
  grid.Colors[2,iX] := clNone;
  grid.Colors[3,iX] := clNone;
  grid.Colors[4,iX] := clNone;



I believe I solved the problem. I was trying to set the color of cells in row index of 0 (the top row) when I had set the grid to use FixedRows = 1.

The leak stopped when I stopped writing to the 0th row.

I couldn't reproduce an issue.
I set

grid.Colors[0,0] := clNone;

for example, but this isn't generating a memory leak here?