Memo Field


I could not find a list of available types on the help. 

Actually one suggestion, there is a need to list the units, sometimes is hard to find which unit to put in uses clause. The current help is nice as a starting tutorial. But day by day consulting is hard. There is a need for a second help like the Delphi component help. (units, classes, methods, properties, etc)

back to my question

In elevateDB there is CLOB  that is a text BLOB and should be a TMemo compatible. 

Is this implemented? How can I have a property for memo and livebind to a TMemo?

Thank You

If you have a string property and define its column size (using [Column] attribute) to a value greater than 65535, then Aurelius considers such property as ftMemo instead of ftString.


i did not find that in the help;

how is it going to be mapped on the database? as string? TBlob? or try to fit to the memo available (ElevateDB only have Clob)

Yes, it will consider it as ftmemo and will try to find the best data type in the database server that fits such type. In ElevateDB, it will create a CLOB field.