Memento in Aurelius


I'm going to try to explain the problem.

    TPeople = class
        FPersonList: TPersonList;

I created a object TPeople with two TPerson and I saved it.
I found and updated it the name of the 2nd Person to new name, next, I added a 3rd Person and I tried to save, but an exception was throw because the name was very short. I fixed it and saved it. No error but, the name of 2nd Person wasnt saved correctly. It continued with old name.

How can I solve this problem? Is there Memento design pattern in Aurelius?

Sorry my English.

If I understand you correctly, you updated the name of the second person in the object manager, but hadn't yet flushed the changes to the database. You then did something to cause an exception in the database saving code of person 3? If that's the case, after an exception in the object manager, the contents of the object manager get corrupted and must be cleared and regenerated - hence the changes to person 2 can't be saved.