Melitus question

The gist of using WebCore is that the dev platform generates a file that's ultimately uploaded to the browser where it actually runs, right? So there's minimal stuff running on the deployment target.

I'm curious about the minimal and typical storage and processing requirements for something. I don't know what sort of overhead Miletus adds to something like a RPi environment, but I'm curious how practical it is for other IoT devices that use similar processors, like Arduino-based things.

Is it possible to tweak the Melitus RPi component to make it work with variations of that CPU / platform?

Is the Melitus wrapper much more than just a minimal web server that uploads a JS payload?

Perhaps it would be possible to characterize some kind of "standard foundation" functions that could be put into the boot ROM or elsewhere onboard that would remove a lot of necessary code from the Melitus core?

Miletus generates an executable and the variable code here is the code that runs inside the browser embedded in this application executable. This Miletus executable is something provides by us and at this moment, this executable cannot be changed, except for the payload of code running in the browser.

That's what I guessed, Bruno. How big is the "envelope", and what's the minimum size of a typical payload, like for a small one-page form?

I'm curious about how to guess the amount of storage needed.

Eg, could you run a Melitus RPi exe on this:

It's a variation of the RPi.

How generic is the Melitus RPi exe in terms of RPi hardware variations? (are these details documented somewhere?)

My thinking is this would make creating Admin pages for these devices really easy to build, as long as they don't take up too much memory.

The minimum app size is 7.8MB.
We do not have this device here for testing.
We have tested Miletus apps on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and these work.

Well the ItsyBitsy RP2040 only has 8MB of FLASH on it, so that probably won't work.

The RPi Zero 2 W has 512MB, so it's a lot roomier.

I've been trying to buy one of the RPi Zero 2 W boards, but everybody is either sold out or they're $50-$80 (not $15).

Only 8MB won't be feasible.