Max zoom =18 ?


Using WebOSMaps on Delphi Seattle, target Android.

I understand the max zoom level of a map is 18.

On my phone, that's not enough, things are way too small... Street names are unreadable at this zoom level.

With the gesture it's possible to zoom a lot deeper, but it doesn't stick/persist. It jumps back to 18 when releasing fingers from the screen.

Is there a way to increase the max value of the zoommap property?


Just noticed there is an option to show a scale-object that probably could be used to zoom in beyond "18".

I think I saw it one time, with a plus/minus button.
But no idea to make it popup again.

It's visible property is set to true, but how to make it appear?



- Please note that the maximum zoom level supported by the API is 18. I'm not sure if increasing the zoom level would increase the size of street names text as these are unrelated. Unfortunately we have no control over the maximum zoom level or text size of the map.

- I assume you are referring to the PanZoomControl which can be enabled from the MapOptions property. Please note that the PanZoomControl is maxed out at zoom level 18 as well.

Hi Bart,

Thanks for responding.
No, I refer to the scale control. It has two buttons, with a + and and -.
It appeared one time, and I could scale up and the streetnames became visible. Ans the scaling was persistent.

I just cannot find a way to make it popup again.


Hi John,

The ControlsOptions.ScaleControl refers to the black line with a value that indicates the current scale of the map.
I'm not aware of another control, besides the MapZoomControl, which enables changing the scale of the map.
Would you be able to provide a screenshot or steps to reproduce the situation so I can further investigate this?

I wish I could.  I cannot reproduce the popup of the plus/minus scale buttons.

AFAIK the mapzoom control refers to the mapzoom only. This works okay, and the zoom is settable by code as well, no problem with it.

I see this scale-line, it's very very small on my phone.

Should this scale-line respond to a tap on it? Like popping up the scale buttons?
It doesn't respond when I tap on it. Shoud it? Maybe it's just too small to tap?

No, the scale control can not be interacted with.

Mmmm.. so, where did the +/- buttons come from? You have any idea?


Those are the built-in zoom controls of the Android webbrowser. these controls are not related to TTMSFMXWebOSMaps

Kind Regards, 

For the google-maps api there is no definite maxzoom.

it depends on the kind of map and the location.
see also:

@klaus: thanks, but this is about the OS (OpenStreet) map.
@Pieter: pity, this makes the TTMSFMXWebOSMaps useless for me.
Thanks for responding anyway.