MapZoomTo, Bug?

MapZoomTo don't work properly with these coordinates, I just see whole map.

  PolylineItemRoute: TPolylineItem;
  PolylineItemRoute := WebGMaps1.Polylines.Add;
  PolylineItemRoute.Polyline.Path.Add(14, 91);
  PolylineItemRoute.Polyline.Path.Add(15, 92);

if replace with these coordinates, all works fine
  PolylineItemRoute.Polyline.Path.Add(14, 88);
  PolylineItemRoute.Polyline.Path.Add(15, 89);

Yes I got the Same bug.

In My Case the Problem was, if I move My map to a Specific Point that is not in the Range of my Actual view, And I Have a Zoom Factor greater than 14 the view disappears.

This issue has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS VCL WebGMaps.