Mapview - UserTrackingMode

Hi !

It looks like something goes wrong when using :

iMapx.UserTrackingMode   := tmUserTrackingModeFollowWithHeading;

The current location looses it's "Heading arrow" when moving the map by hand, or
the maps moves "in location" after placing an annotation with the "FollowWithHeading"

and sometimes my app just crashes when using this with "Bad system call".

Is this a bug in the UserTracking ?




Please try out the maps application on the device, when setting the usertrackingmode to followwithheading, you will notice that when moving the map, the trackingmode is lost, this is by design. You need to reinitialize it when you want to reposition the userlocation with a followwithheading.

It is unclear what exactly you mean with the map moves in location after placing an annotation with the FollowWithHeading?

Are you able to reproduce the Bad System call consistently?

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

You're right.

What i meant was that after placing an annotation to the map and using zoomtofit
while "FollowWithHeading" was on, the map moves due the zoomtofit and by that,
also looses it Heading focus.

Same behaviour in the Map app, so clear to me now what caused this.